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Hi there. Long time no interact. First of all, welcome to all the newcomers for I have made some amendment to my address list. To those of you just joined in, this system has been running for going to be one year and is where we all voice out our opinions and interact with each other with no geographical boundary.

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  1. Thinking about Y2K
  2. Talk about Diana and Mother Teresa
  3. Solar car from Honda
  4. Fork
  5. Of Human and Animals

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** Thinking about Y2K **

This is going to be another interactive question of the week.

Many people may have already planned for the 1999 New Year Eve and 2000 New Year Day. Have you?

Hence the questions are :-

On the 1999 New Year Eve

1. Where would you like to spend?
2. Whom would you like to spend with?
3. And how?

Also, on the first day of Year 2000, the same set of questions apply.

Just send in your remarks and I will compose a single newsletter kind of stuff. If you wish your name to be omitted, just tell me so.

In 1836 a New York preacher named William Miller predicted that life on earth would end in 1843, but it never came true. The same person announced later on that Christ will come sometime in 1844 but the trumpet never sounded.

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ founder, Charles T. Russell thought the world would end in 1874 and subsequently predicted the battle of Armageddon in 30 years’ time. WW1 broke out on cue.

On and on, people predict when the end of the world should be and we are about to reach the next millennium. Now, is it for better or for worse?

Wonder what the first song and movie will be on the first day of Y2K.

> send reply to topic 1

Please type : Sleep through the millennium on my own, in my own bed.

Reply sent. Thank you for participating.

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** Talk about Diana and Mother Teresa **

A tribute to the loss of two important ladies of our time.

[computer will be silence for a few minutes]

[please be patience, this is suppose to be serious!]

Maybe due to my lost in touch with the reality, I never know that Diana actually walked the mine field and had close contact with the AIDS victims. (Or that’s what it seems.) Just like a piece of artwork which will never get famous until the painter dies.

And the last words of Mother Teresa? “I can’t breath anymore”. Thought she would say something like : May God bless you all.

Anyway, do you think that the moaning has been overdone? You will know what I mean if you tuned into CNN during that period.

> go topic 3

** Solar car from Honda **

This really shocked me. I have seen an ad regarding on the solar car from Honda. Man, it is finally gone commercial. And if you do have a chance to look at the ad, the shape of this commercial solar car is pretty much like an UFO.

Powered by nothing more than sunlight, the Honda “Dream” drove through more than 3,000 km of Australian desert having an average speed of just under 90 km/h.

Just been wondering how this kind of vehicle can be manufactured if we do run out of petrol one day. And imagine what the world would be if we have to rely on solar power.

Back to basic, perhaps.

> go topic 4

** Fork **

Sometimes, conversation can become quite misleading and this is a true situation. Hope this topic is not getting too technical though.

One day, I was grabbed by one client and she complaint that the application did not work.

True enough, it did not. After some simple diagnose, I have found out the problem.

Me : Ah, you’ve got a forking problem.
Client : Forking problem?
Me : Indeed, it is.

And I brought up the terminal and showed her the actual error message.

Client : What is the forking error?
Me : It says – you cannot fork anymore.
Client : How about your computer? Do you have the same problem?

Being very reluctant to walk all the way back to my working place (which I did), I tuned into my own terminal. After showing her that I have got the same problem, I turned to my fellow colleague.

Me : Yo brother, I can’t fork no more, can you fork?
Col : It’s your problem man, let me try.

After a while …

Col : S**t, it says – the system cannot fork any processor.
Me : Yea, me too.
Col : What is forking? What the fork does that mean?
Me : Hmmm, does the error message say very clearly?
Col : Forking hell, can we solving this forking problem?
Me : Hey …
Col : Can someone look into my forking problem
Me : Relax man …
Me : Shit

> go topic 5

** Of Human and Animals **

There is one Safari in Jakarta. Pretty huge and impressive. You can actually drive in and feed the animals in the car with bananas and carrots.

After feeding the animals for a few hours, we were very used to throwing food out of the window or to attract the animals to our car. The sheep like creatures are quite proactive and they usually came and approached us. The tigers on the other hands just kept on sleeping (even after got hit by my banana missile).

And imagine you have been doing this for over a few hours. We have actually forgotten the existence of human species. At the end of the journey, we finally did see some native locals lying on the grass taking a nap. Having forgotten the difference between human and animal, I actually had the tendency to throw the bananas to them. How bizzare!

And I stopped myself at the last minute.

> disconnect

Thank you for using WWWIS. Please send in your response and it will be fun.

World Wide Wilf Interactive System (WWWIS)

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