On This Day Hong Kong Returned to China

Today, I am officially a communist.  Hong Kong returned to China finally.  Catherine, Balquais, Kenneth, Robert, and I was watching the CNN Live at my apartment.  Kenneth’s wife called,  Robert called his wife, Catherine’s boyfriend called and for me?  No phone call.  What a sad life.

We did celebrate this handover thing at one of the beautiful Chinese restaurant.  Only $70 Singapore dollar per person.  Chicken feet for the project.  Robert even asked for a receipt with the tips added inside!  I was so embarrassed.

Talking about embarrassment, Catherine and I had a big agreement over the fact that I love Singapore during lunch at McDonald’s.  In the end, she pointed out that I make Hong Kong people shameful and I ‘take advantage’ of Singapore and so on.  I was so angry that I refused to talk to her for the whole night.

Playing guitar is fun.  Really fun and as for body building, it is going well.  I fell I have tightened a few muscles here and there.  Occasionally thinking of you-know-who and the sadness seems to have ‘matured’.

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