Feel Like a King

The whole day spent on Function Specification Meeting.  Tell you the truth, having meeting with the Indonesian is as bad as having meeting with the French.  Half of the time, we do not know what they are actually discussing.  In fact, I hardly care.

I think we will probably get bored of where to lunch pretty soon. We shall see.

CC is definitely a very interesting kind of woman.  I though my ex-girlfriend complains a lot and talk a lot over the ‘dollar sign’.  CC’s topic can sometimes be very predictable.  Is she the typical kind of woman?  I don’t know.  Interesting that she told us looking for a guy within AC would be nice.  The reason?  Even more bizarre – AC man becomes very quiet at night.  Talk too much during office hour I suppose.

Found a maid (very cheap) and bought a lot of stuffs (for the maid) in a supermarket not so near by.  A guy was actually willing to push the stuffs all the way from the mall to our apartment.  Feel like a king, really.

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