I Wish I Could Record the Best Scenes of My Life

Spent more than half a day in drafting the final status report.  Feel a bit of void right now.  You see, really void.  I will miss my clients and the project itself.

And of course, I will miss Paris.

The Spanish food tonight was alright.  A bit far away (beyond Chatelet).  Funny that tonight during dinner time, I thought of JP again.  Thought of how nice it would have been if she was with me right now.  That idea sprang up when I was thinking of whether I should order some dessert afterwards.  I don’t like dessert but I know she loves it.  She would have love to have some dessert.

Oh, dear old history and so much in pain.

Watched the movie “Beautiful Girls” on pay TV.  Very lovely show and make sure I’ll buy the DVD version later on when DVD gets popular – just like CD.  And I was thinking if in the future, I can “record” some of the best scene and put it into one DVD.  Just like the old days when you record some of your favourite and place them into one tape.  Would have been nice.

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