Jackpot Machine

Jackpot Machine can be thought as a happiness machine.  Putting coins in the machine can be thought as all the pain and unhappiness.  What happens is you keep on suffering hoping that some great rewards shall arrive.  But how many of us can win in the end?

Spent the whole morning calling up people.  Called up Jenny and got my date of arriving at Jakarta fixed.  Called up Ginger and has my flight detail booked.  Have to pay a lot more as there is no more seat available.  Called up Mum and told her my schedule.  Finally called up Toby and had a good chat.

In the afternoon, went over to BNP and had a training there.  Version 5 seems more sophisticated then the SocGen version.  Had a long coffee break with Alvin in one of the café nearby.  The last time we did it was in Singapore.

I had this craving for Japanese food.  Don’t know why.

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