So You Love My Poems?

Aurore was not in the office today (and tomorrow as well) so I walked into the office pretty late.  Anyway I had nothing better to do.  Not exactly right, I need to pass the ticket number to Ginger and tomorrow will be a public holiday in Singapore.

And I have got my business class ticket to US.  Wow!

Tonight, they have arranged a birthday party (dinner) for Grace, our AC project manager and Oliver, the BNP project manager.  Coincidentally, their birthdays fall onto the same day which is tomorrow.

The dinner was at 8:30 pm.  I left the office at six and returned to the hotel in order to download the SWIFT stuffs for Alvin.  Took me quite a while.  And planned to go the WH Smith and get some English books or/and magazine.  Reached there after seven, thinking that it will still be opened but it was closed at seven. Shame, could have made it.

Took a nice walk and sat somewhere near to the restaurant.  Waited for more than an hour and the BNP project manager arrived first.

The food was nice (French food) and I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner.  Grace told me that she loves my poems.  I was speechless.  There was ten of us altogether. What a crowd!

Still thinking of the show “Romeo + Juliet” the whole day.  See, what kind of impact has it done to me ?!

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