The Movie Romeo and Juliet Moves Me

Spent half a day doing an evaluation on the Technical Team.  Another half a day having MUE meeting with Sophie and discussing the matter with Michel.  That guy has a temper problem.  Personally I don’t think he can handle the design at all.  Mohamed was very curious on what I wrote on the evaluation but of course, that is confidential.  For the eye of Aurore only.

Romeo and Juliet was on today, therefore I called up the BNP team.  In the end, Karin, Puyee (?) and Munchie came along.  All the literature was there.  At first it was kind of strange to mix the modern setting with the old literature but as the story went along, you kind of get use to it.

Romeo was very cute (and handsome) and Juliet was very sweet.  A very sad ending.  Indeed, just too sad.  It has such an impact on me!

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