Honfleur, A Beautiful Town by the Sea

One thing good about Window 95 is that it automatically changed my system time today (Daytime something) at midnight 00:00 and forwarded one hour for me.

Planned to get up at undefined time and true enough, got up at 11:00.  I really found it very hard to get up.  I knew my bus would be gone in less than three quarters of an hour so I got out of bed at 11:15, had a quite wash-up and dashed to the train station.  Indeed the bus was half an hour late.

Honfleur is quite a lovely place.  Nice town by the sea.  That is all.  Maybe the expectation was being set too high (someone told me that Honfleur is the most beautiful place in France).  I am sure York is better than Honfleur.

Today was a day of waiting.  You will see.

First I wanted some food.  So I walked into a café shop and had a sandwich.  Actually wanted to have a cup of café and I waited for more than half an hour.  I fed up and left the café.

I was planning to leave the place at six something (buses are rare) but I really wanted to go at three.  There was nothing much to see.  In fact, I prefer Deauville (the beaches).  I discovered that there was a bus at four something and actually waited for 4 hours for the last bus!!  No wonder they suggested that you should rent a car.  (Not quite true as they claim that there are a lot of things to see around Deauville).

And I had a 2 ½ hours supper due to the waiting. What can I say?

And I still think of JP all of the time.

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