No Doubt Concert

No Doubt Concert Tonight.

At 1730, I left the office quietly.  Rushing back to my hotel and got changed.  Stepped out of my hotel at 1740 and reached La Cigale just after six.  Funny thing was I didn’t see a lot of people outside La Cigale.  And there was a notice (French) outside saying L’Olympic something something.  I was kind of panic, don’t even know where the hell is L’Olympic.

Lucky, I saw three girls (and a guy) who spoke English.  I introduced myself and one of them (actually all the girls) spoke French.  And they found out that L’Olympic was somewhere near Opera.  Bon!

The pretty one was called Liz.  Not a slim type but with a very pretty face and a very American accent.  Her boyfriend (it seems) was called Jason.  Another two girls, one was called Rebeca and the other was called N something.  They were impressed that I came from Oxford and worked in Andersen Consulting.  Hey, no big deal.  Please.

Sadly, I missed them when the concert started.  That’s life.

At first I stood kind of quite far away from the band. (The concert hall was small anyway.)  I was so worried that I would not be able to see them as the guys in front of me seemed to be quite tall.  Just when the show started, everybody was pushing forward.  I grabbed the chance and dashed myself forward as well.  No, it was not tough to get in front.  What so tough was to remain there.  Everyone was pushing and jumping (real jumping) and every round, there would be a group of persons fell onto the ground.  I was so worried that I would fall down and being stepped onto.  After two and a half song, I gave up and retrieved all the way back.  People were really jumping mad.

No Doubt was just great.  Although some of the songs in the middle of the show was kind of unfamiliar to me but hey, I enjoyed it.  (Got to say I was very hungry, thirsty and tired in that order).  The lead singer seemed very girlie and there were a lot of flowers on the stage.  I just loved her.

So I came back, feeling very week and ordered room service. It was worth it.

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