So I Pissed Off the Whole World

Today I ended up making everybody angry.  Firstly, Sophie has arranged a “get together” dinner for me but sad to say, I have forgotten that “No Doubt” concert is tomorrow as well.  I can tell that she is very angry.  She told me that she hoped the concert is worth it.  Damn me.  Damn her.

And Lionel said that my status report is too rough on him.  I just said that in the future, the Function Team better make up their own mind on what to fix.  That is it.

And Aurore is not happy the way I address the issue regard on knowledge transfer.  Well, I wanted more support and they never give it to me.  I have to do it, you know.

Still waiting desperately for JP’s letter.  Just an answer, yes or no.  As simple as that.  My mind really hurts and I cannot focus at all.

Guess what?  I have forgotten my Mum’s birthday on the 16th.  It was yesterday.  I think I have really hurt her.  I am sure my Dad and Sister suffer because of my forgetfulness.

Oh god, what has happened to me?  At least I become in good term with Mohamed again, which is good.

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