Paris is Charming at Night

Woke up late this afternoon, as expected Grace had left a phone message for me.  Went out to a café shop and as usual, ordered a cup of tea and a piece of cake.  The waitress was so nice to me and she gave me another little piece of cake.  How nice!  Just outside CNIT, a girl sold me one drawing that according to her, it is drawn by someone from the art school.  Actually I was heading for the FNAC and I just remember that I didn’t go there at all.

Grace called me out and I reach her hotel at 7:30.  One of them was watching a show so I waited in Grace’s room.  Her room was a mess.  Real mess.

And four of us dined in an Indian restaurant (nice romantic restaurant) and Grace and I ended up walking to the Louvre.  Paris is so charming at night.

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