What If I Take up a Job in Paris?

I am so obsess with my short story that I virtually spent all last night (except Jay Leno’s Show) reading over and over.  And busy returning mail to my friends.

Willie invited me to go over to his place (with his girlfriend) one weekend.  How sweet of him!  He told me a little secret that they will be getting married soon.  That’s really great news.  What age am I in now as I hear more and more people get married.

Aurore hinted again that she wanted to hire me.  I am really confused right now and don’t really know what I want to do with my life.  In addition, I feel kind of a distance between my girlfriend and my family.  What have I done to myself?

Today was Thursday so I announced that let’s talk about weekend now as I don’t really want to talk about weekend on every Friday. It is so depressing, you know.

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