FF308 Valentine Day Dinner, Alone

Last night I slept at 9:00 pm, incredible!  And I have missed my “Tonight Show”.  After sleeping for 10 and a half hours, I was totally retarded the whole day.  Being so slow and so quiet and so on.

Called my girlfriend late afternoon, Singapore time and she told me that after 4 years of training, she finally received roses on Valentine’s Day (though the roses were not so fresh).  What a relief!  Really gone through a lot of trouble ordering those flowers.

And I worked late with Michel.  After work, I went down to Champs-Elysees and could not find one single restaurant I want to walk into.  So I walked and walked and ended up very near to the Eiffel Tower.  A very nice restaurant (expensive as well, cost FF308) overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  I was the only single there and all others were lovers.  Oh, I miss being with my girlfriend.

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