Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  When I walked into the office, some of my clients actually knew that today was the Chinese New Year.  According to them, it was being broadcast on the radio.  I wore red shirt and red tie, just to look very “traditional”.

Today was not so good for Aurore as she had locked herself out.  Lucky her landlord does have the spare key.  As for me, I was such a good day before I received a new SIR from Noubi.  What a bastard!  Usually when a SIR is closed, he would write, “Attn : Wilfrid. This is to inform you that <SIR#> has been successfully tested, and can be closed.”  Being so bored with seeing this all the time, me and Mohamed composed this, “Attn : Noubi. This is to inform you that <SIR#> has been successfully installed, and can be tested.”  And he actually issued a SIR on this Microsoft Mail Message.  The SIR said something like, first the information “Noubi” was duplicated (as it is in the header as well) and said that it should read, “tested successfully” instead.  I was so pissed off that I went straight to Aurore and told her that that guy was crazy and needed some help.  In the end it was supposed to be a joke between Noubi and Mohamed and of course, Mohamed did not appreciate the joke either, and neither did Aurore.  God, that fellow needs some HELP.

And met my Aunt and Uncle for dinner tonight.

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