Business Lunch

Nothing can stop me.  My VISION knowledge seems to have increased quite a fair bit and I am afraid on nothing.  Today, I showed Mohamed how to debug one of the SIR and surely he was impressed.

Lunch time, I joined the MUE team (20 people) and had a FF 120 lunch.  Probably one of the best lunch I had so far in Paris.  Opposite me sat Nicolas, who is willing to converse in English.  Beside me were two French ladies, who was also willing to converse in English.  In fact, the one next to me has been to UK (LSE) for 1 year and she loved everything except France.  Weird, isn’t it?  I thought French are always very proud of their culture.

Basically, the MUE team consists of all the technical people on the 7th floor and the “INTL” on the 8th floor.  In fact the funny thing is, INTL dressed a lot smarter and most of them are lady.

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