I Cried Watching Phenomenon

And another down day.  Work was shit.  From knowledge transfer down to ordinary bug fix down to serving the users.  Yesterday I was complaining that someone should help me with all the bug fix as part of the knowledge transfer.  Today I was complaining that I shouldn’t be doing something that what the technical team should be doing.

And guess what?  Yesterday I phoned JP and she was not at home.  Her mum joked to me that she was having “fun” outside.  I phoned her at the office and her colleague told me that “she is meeting someone”.  I phoned her once at home and she was not in at 8 pm.  Then I phoned again at 10 pm and she was not in either.  So what happened to her?  I don’t know.  But one thing for sure is that I am feeling damn shit.

And with all these shit, I decided to quite smoking.  I was a tough experience once again. I was struggling throughout the whole afternoon as I couldn’t find JP.  But I didn’t give in.  It is a tough battle and I am fighting for my life!  I have always a great survivor and I have decided firmly that I have to quit this bad habit once and for all.

Only one thing that made me happy tonight was that they have changed the Pay TV program.  And I watched “Phenomenon”. That made me cried. Remember “George Malley”?

Just a few quotes from the show.

“Would u love me for the rest of my life?
 No, you don’t love me for the rest of mine.”

“U came here to die, didn’t u ?”

“Everything is on its way to somewhere.”

“And you have to listen to me now, it’s happening. It’s gonna be okay .. It’s okay .. Goodbye honey.”

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