A Hundred-Dollar Dinner Paid For

Time Report !  Last night I spent hours filling up the time report and this morning, I still found one mistake somewhere.  As usual, I went down to the secretary area to fax my stuffs back to the office.  Somehow I entered the wrong number and didn’t know what to do (French Fax Machine).  The secretary helped me out and according to Claude, he told me that the secretary found me charming.  Charming ?!

Been a very bad day today. Too much work and too much politics. I really want to go home.

In contrast, my dinner was the best.  It cost Societe Generale  SGD 100.00 and I think I well deserve this.  I had my crab as started.  Truly awesome and I loved it.  Then a fish main course.  And that was the best piece of fish I have ever tasted in Paris so far!  Dessert was great as well.

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