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Today, I was so tired.  Must be not enough sleep.  Right at the morning, JP told me that she has decided to throw the whole idea of apply for a condo.  I was quite disappointed as I thought we could get married sooner but all this kind of thing is decided by fate.  I respect her decision and I phoned her up later on to make it up.

One of the new hired Michel, he is definitely not dumb.  He constantly challenge me but in the end, we became very humble, and listened to what others want to say.  I guess that is mutual respect that I have to learn.

My pair of shoes was really gone tonight.  Lucky I went into Marks & Spencer and found one similar one.  Still remember that day that the guy told me that this pair would last for 2 years.  What a lie !

Chat line again.  What else.  And now is 3 am in the morning.  This is getting worst.  Self Control !  Using the nickname “GoodBoy” definitely attracted a lot of very young girls.  One called “NIKE GIRL” and actually were Megan (13) and her sister (11).  They actually called Bill Clinton a “dumb ass”.  What a surprise.  And the last one was called “cutie”, studied in London doing investment management school.  Apparent she (21-born in Iraqi) was very depressed and I don’t think I have done anything value added.

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