Menu for Thought

Came round a random menu. Food for thought.


One of the words that will imprint into your brain after watching “Ransom”. A very clever plot. Not to say that the plot itself is totally unpredictable, but full of little humorous surprises. A very deep thought about Morlock and Eloi. Need to say more about Mel Gibson ?


Every morning, I walked from my place of stay to my prison. I have to walk into a hollow cylindrical building (where I lunch every day, downstairs). 7 stories high with a very big transparent disc hanging on top by means of steal bars. Strange thing is there is a lot of bird shit right in the middle of the space. Hard to image ? I always think of Independent Day whenever I pass by. I am the building and the laser is right up there.

And I think of Pigeon Toilet. The local pigeons seem to fond of “sitting” right near the “laser” and do their business. We feed them shit with all the city rubbish, and they are clever enough to feed us shit. Don’t believe me ? Whoever curious enough will look up. Looking up results in stretching the skin around the throat. And you mouth will naturally be opened. WATCH OUT !!!


I walk into a shopping center, they search my bag. I walk into a train station, they search my bag. I walk into a record store, they also must search my bag. All rubbish bins are sealed. Those policemen who petrol around the station, they are heavily armored. With gun like things hanging from their shoulder.

Reminded me of one of the lecturer once told us about the IRA. He is an electrical engineer (I think) and he was telling us the fact that there are not many “Exchange Stations” (?) to bomb at the same time in order to shut down the entire electric supply of England. Truly awesome.


“In my hour of darkness, no, you were not there ..”

– Megadeth. From the song “In My Darkness Hour”.

“Let’s have a black celebration. A black celebration .. tonight”

– Depeche Mode. From the song “Black Celebration”.


I lost my appetite completely. Had my cup of coffee and left.

New Wilf 97.

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