A Good Relationship is Give and Take

A very productive day.  5 SIR down the tube.

After lunch, while we walked back to the office, we saw a rabbit right hiding in the bush in from of the building.  And during the afternoon, the porter was trying to catch it (I saw it during the coffee break).   Later on, I had a chat with the porter and found that they believed that the rabbit is a domestic one and it will not be able to survive in the cold.  The funny thing is they are going to form a team and catch it during the weekend.  One of the secretary wanted to keep it.

Today, we have the King’s Pie again.  It was at the SocGen Tower (the main one) and the pie definitely tasted a lot better (as it was hot) than the last one.  The Tower is really fascinating.  There is a big, huge artistic thing hanging in the air and guess what underneath.  A “pool”.  Today, me and Wilfrid (Paris) while admiring the thing, actually stepped into the “pool” as it really look like mirror floor.

In the end, I decided to have dinner in the hotel and beside me sat an old couple from Ireland (but without Irish accent).  We talked and interesting enough, they have married for 31 year.  And the lady’s parent actually married for 60 years.  I asked what is the secret in keeping such a good relationship and they told me that it is give and take.  You can’t just win every battle.  I guess they are right.

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