Luxury in Paris

Same old story. I slept late last night and hence, I felt quite bad this morning.  Nevertheless, I had a great breakfast at 08:55.  Luxury can only be happened in Paris.

In terms of work, it is again the same old story.  Got a few bugs off the list.  Transfer knowledge to Wilfrid (Paris), whom called himself Willy.  They told me that they have requested a PC for me and will come maybe next week.

Tonight was quite a different night.  Couldn’t believe that I have spent more than one hour walking around in Paris looking for a restaurant and finally ended up where I started from and had American Food.  The food was no good and I didn’t enjoy.  I enjoyed the cocktail though, as I am quite sick of the French food.

Watched a movie, “The Portrait of a Lady” and didn’t understand a single.  But I love Nicole Kidman, so what the hell.  I watched a show that has my favorite star in it.

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