Renewing My Driving License

Once in a while, people will automatically wake up in the morning, look at the clock, and get shocked.  Just about to leave the bed and realized that today was Saturday.  Feel greatly relieved and went back to sleep again.

Well, as for today, I did get up twice.  But the difference is that I did not feel relieved at all.  Last night I slept at 3am and this morning I had to get up at 9am and headed to town in order to have my driving license renewed.

To actively pursue what I want is this year’s motto.  Today I put it into practice.  I walked into the Traffic Police Department asking whether I could renew my license before it was expired.  And the stupid guy told me that I needed some form of proof saying that I will be away.  So I was quite angry and disappointed and walked away.  Just when I stepped out of the Department, I realized that I should ask him whether I need to bring the passport as well as it would be in the French Embassy.

He was not there anymore.  So I said to myself, what the hell.  I meant, why didn’t I queue up and saw what happen.  So I did.  So I got my license renewed.

The rest of the day was quite standard.  Sleep the whole afternoon at JP’s place.

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